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Below you will find information of legal relevance when visiting this website. In addition, you will find our Privacy Policy, which explains what kind of information may be gathered and processed, and how we may use “cookies”. We thank you for reading the contents of this page, and, if you accept all terms and conditions, for visiting the website. By accessing or using the website, you accept all terms and conditions.

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Privacy policy

IP Addresses, Internet Browsers, Operating Systems, Domain Names:  When you enter our website, we may collect your computer’s IP address. The IP address does not identify you as an individual, but does identify your Internet service provider. Other non-personally identifiable information that we may collect include the type of Internet browser used, the type of computer operating system used, and the domain name of the website from which you visited our site. The information is aggregated to provide broad demographic information, such as the geographic location of visitors and how long they stay on our site. Collecting this type of information allows us to administer our site, diagnose server problems, analyze trends and statistics, and provide better customer service.


When you visit our website, we may send “cookies” to your computer. A cookie is a small text file or piece of data that a website that you visit can place or save onto your computer. Cookies do not themselves contain any personally identifiable information. However, if you provide such personally identifiable information to us (such as by registering for an Internet related service or password provided by us), such information may be linked to the data stored in the cookie. There are two types of cookies. The first type saves a file for a longer period of time onto your computer, and it can remain on your computer after you shut it off. Such cookie could, for example, be used to tell a visitor what information on the website has been updated since his or her last visit to that website. The second type of cookie is called “session cookie.” While you are visiting a website, session cookies are temporarily stored in your computer’s memory. This could be done, for example, to keep track of what language you have chosen at the website. Session cookies are not stored for a long period of time on your computer, since they disappear when you close your web browser. We may use third parties to assist us in collecting or processing information obtained through cookies.

We may use cookies for a number of reasons, such as:

  • to compile anonymous statistics related to patterns and trends of browsing;
  • to analyze sales data;
  • to conduct marketing research;
  • to user adapt website content or functions;
  • to provide assistance to, or track site visits of users, of certain Internet-based services;
  • to enable users with passwords to re-enter certain web pages without having to re-type previously typed information.

With most Internet browsers, you can set the browser to block cookies, erase cookies from your computer hard drive, or notify you that a web page contains cookies before a cookie is stored. Please refer to your browser instructions or help screen to learn more about these functions. Please note that some of our web pages may not work properly without the use of cookies.

Personal information

This privacy notice explains how Gingerlillie Boutique Ltd collect, use, and share personal information that you provide to us, or that we may otherwise obtain or generate, which relates to you (“Personal Information”). Gingerlillie Boutique Ltd has implemented technical, administrative, and physical measures to safeguard any Personal Information that we may collect (see below).  As this Notice is intended to cover a variety of situations, there may be information contained in the Notice that does not apply to you. It is also clear that Gingerlillie Boutique Ltd will always abide local laws and regulations and will refrain from the collection or use of Personal Information in a location where it is prohibited by law.


“Personal Information” is information through which a natural person is identifiable or may be identified.  We may collect, use and process your Personal Information in order to provide you with services, products or information that you request.

We will not collect your Personal Information without your knowledge and permission, nor will we sell or rent any such data. In order to provide you with a specific product, service, or information or to process a transaction, we may request your personally identifiable information. This information may include:

  • your name, including given, family, middle, and any suffix;
  • identification information, such as an identification number (in whole or in part), government-issued driver’s license, passport, or other document – collected if and to the extent allowed under applicable law;
  • emergency or work contact information, including telephone numbers, facsimile number, email address, pager number, mailing address, and work location;
  • job title, department and job function;
  • information about an individual’s employer, including company name, company location, and country of incorporation;
  • shipping address;
  • billing address;
  • e-mail address;
  • telephone numbers;
  • telefax numbers;
  • payment related information, including identification and bank account numbers;
  • Gingerlillie Boutique Ltd network communications logs covering the use of company phones, computers, electronic communications (such as email), and other information and communication technology;
  • computer and facilities access and authentication information;
  • environmental, health and safety information.

Personal Information is only collected when necessary to provide a product, service, or information, process a transaction, or if you submit it to us for other purposes, for instance if applying for employment.

The collection of Personal Information will be transparent to you, and you will have the opportunity to decide whether or not to provide it. If you choose not to provide any of the Personal Information requested, Atlas Copco may be unable to complete your transaction, or provide the information, services or products you have requested.

When collected, the Personal Information might be used for the following purposes: [SELECT THE APPLICABLE PURPOSES]

  • Maintaining Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) systems, workflow systems, and other information technology (“IT”) systems, including workflows to document Atlas Copco participation in professional organizations and provision or receipt of business gifts and hospitality;
  • Vendor due diligence;
  • Managing physical and information security, including:
    • Access controls and security for computer and other systems;
    • Internet, intranet, e-mail, social media, and other electronic system access;
    • Virus, intrusion, and insider threat scanning and analysis;
    • Facility access and safety;
    • Disaster preparedness;
  • Responding to situations involving a risk of health or safety, including an emergency;
  • Backing up and recovering data;
  • Overseeing location tracking, duration, and other telematics of certain Atlas Copco assets for management of services provided, security, safety and management of efficiency;
  • Managing import, export and other trade compliance controls, including authorizing applications and management, determining access to controlled technology and/or commodities, and screening sanctions and embargoes;
  • Administering of marketing, contracts, joint ventures, and other business efforts, including without limitation invoice and payment processing, project management, and customer surveys and promotions;
  • Designing, selling, producing and improving products;
  • Providing customer service and support;
  • Training and certification of customer, supplier, and vendor personnel;
  • Conducting supplier and vendor reviews and due diligence, including in risk assessments;
  • Developing and managing budget and financial planning and reporting;
  • Responding to questions or concerns submitted to Atlas Copco;
  • Performing audits and compliance reviews to ensure compliance with applicable policy, regulation, and law;
  • Conducting internal and external investigations, including Legal, Global Ethics & Compliance, and International Trade Compliance reviews and any resulting disclosures to government agencies;
  • Evaluating and reporting conflicts of interest;
  • Addressing environmental, health, and safety issues, including injury and damage claims;
  • Prosecuting and defending claims in litigation, arbitration, administrative, or regulatory proceedings, including but not limited to pre-dispute activity, evidence collection, discovery;
  • Responding to law enforcement and other government inquiries;
  • Protecting intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patent filings;
  • Business planning, including planning for or executing mergers, acquisitions and divestitures;
  • As required or expressly authorized by applicable law or regulation.

This processing is:

  • Necessary for the performance of a contract or for the preparation of a contract
  • Necessary for compliance with a legal obligation
  • Necessary in order to protect the vital interests of you
  • Necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest
  • Necessary for the purpose of our legitimate interest

At times we may need to get your consent to allow us to use your Personal Information for one or more of the purposes set out above. You have various rights where we are processing your Personal Information on the basis of your consent. For example, we would like to send you information about other products of ours, which believe might be in your interest. If you don’t want to be on one of our mailing lists, you can choose to opt out at any time by following the “unsubscribe” instructions at the bottom of our promotional emails or you may click here.

We will not retain data longer than is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or as required by applicable laws or regulations.


If you would like to remove, correct, update, or access your Personal Information that you have submitted to us, or if you have any related concerns, please contact us. If you contact us in this regard, please note the web page name or location where you submitted the information, as well as the contact information (for instance name, email address, postal address, etc.) that you provided at that time.


Technical and administrative measures are implemented to help protect Personal Information and other data on our servers from unauthorized access, loss, or alteration. However, no server or transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be one hundred percent secure. Therefore, any activity or communication is conducted at your own risk.


For further information on the processing of Personal Information, please get in touch with our Group Privacy Officer.

If we do not address any of your requests, or fail to provide you with a valid reason why we are unable to do so, you have the right to contact supervisory authority to make a complaint. You can find your local supervisory authority at following link

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Some of our web pages may contain links to third party websites. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy policies, content, or practices of such other websites or their owners or operators.


We reserve the right to change or update this Privacy Policy at any time.